Actor, Poet and a Lover of all things African, whose dream is to be one of the best actresses ever!  To grow her Love for African print and hopes to see a world where every child smiles and gets the Love they deserve.

Her Love for African print & everything fashion goes beyond her love for fish & Chicken.

To her, African attire fulfils a portion of her vision of the world coming together regardless of race, gender or color. A blend of cultures.

Her first spoken word piece she did was titled “I’m scared of being alone”.

Her first role she played was a flame back in high school (Talk about from rags, literally! :D)

I have known this African princess for almost 5 years now and her love for NBA is just out of this world! We will get to know how she got to be such a fanatic when we feature her next but for now…


  1. Where do you get your motivation from?

I get my motivation from pretty much everything around me.

In poetry, most of my poems are inspired by the things and situations that happen around us, my most recent one was about looking beyond tribalism in our country.

In fashion motivation comes from within,I think it’s innate.

while in acting, I am always motivated by the character that I am supposed to play, I can be a nun or turn into a temptress in a split second. Just say Action (Action!! 😀 😀 )

  1. How do you handle discouragements?

I look at Discouragement as encouragement. When I am told I can’t do something I will always go ahead and do it to prove someone wrong.

  1. Best advice given?

You have one life to live, live it right, and don’t live with ‘What ifs’

It was hard for her to gauge which of the three she loved the most so we went at it differently…

  1. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

Poetry – Nicely dressed salad that makes you forget about the main course

Acting – Fish, nicely prepared Kachumbari with Ugali.

Fashion – That nice piece of Black forest straight from the fridge but not too cold that makes your taste buds cry for more & more & more & more… Okay, you get what I mean 😀

  1. Whose work are you following at the moment?

I am Currently following Diana Opoti’s work.

  1. What advice would you give me?

Huh! Are you sure you want my advice, unless you want to end up in a mental asylum. So Advice? Nuh … More like questions. Why are you not singing? Why don’t you have a YouTube channel?(Coming soon :), I don’t have the answer to why I’m not singing, I probably should with immediate effect 😀)

  1. When do you feel most energized?

Poetry wise, at night, when everyone is asleep and I feel like I can hear the silence, haha. Weird huh? (Them poets can offer help answering this one)

Fashion wise, in the morning.

Acting, anytime I am needed on set.

  1. What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on my fashion blog, I am still getting material and content so that when I start it will be consistent.

  1. Name 4 consecutive days without mentioning Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Saturday and Sunday. I am genius right?… Right? (Haha! You bet you are :P)

Photo by @MuturiEsther

Look out for her blog, we will sure inform you when that’s done!

Fill that cup with coffee, read through Her work.





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