From my eyes, as I see it (See what I did there? 🙂 )

You met one member of the ID37 Music ; now meet one more whose responsibilities are overseeing on-going Business operations (Chief Operating Officer).

I knew Shukid through Kevin Grands around the same year I met Kevin though met him later on and he seemed like a very intelligent man. Listening to him rap, I can confirm that he sure is :).

Two of my most favorite songs from him are:

#Ungenipenda and #YouhadMe. These will be your favorites too, I promise! He has also collaborated with some of the best in the industry, the likes of Ace Tha Don, his partner Kevin Grands & more.

I smiled while reading his answers, I hope you do too :).

  1. Why Music?

Music to me is life. Music speaks for those without a voice; it helps express what some people find hard to say. It tells stories and lets people in, in ways regular speech doesn’t. Everyone’s life has a soundtrack.

  1. Where do you get your motivation from?

I get motivation from those around me. I see what my team is up to, and I try to make sure I’m not the one dragging them behind. I also get motivated by wanting to do better for myself, making sure I try achieve personal goals.

  1. How do you handle discouragements?

I’m a very positive person; at least I try to be. I tell myself if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. I accept the decisions I make not only for the positive results, but with the hardships that come along with it. I don’t believe in quitting.

  1. Best advice given?

The world is yours for the taking.

  1. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

(Laughing) I think it would taste like anything with cheese and spices…ravioli, lasagna, pizza…rich flavors that make the mouth salivate just by looking. You know that feeling you get on Tuesday when you see people walk around with the green, red n white pentagon shaped boxes & you start wishing you could have your own? That’s pretty much how it should feel not to have my music on your phones, so you get in line and wait for it, regardless of how long the queue is, because you know you getting more than what you’ve paid for and it’s worth it.

  1. Whose work are you following at the moment?

I’m listening to a lot of my fellow Africans, guys from SA to be specific. I don’t currently have a go to artist at the moment, so I end up listening to a lot of music by people around me…Kevin Grands, Shatzy, Ace Tha Don, Poppa Don…on the larger scale, it’s all the usual names, Wale here & there, J. Cole, Logic…but I’m trying to keep my ear closer home.

  1. What advice would you give me?

Know your worth. Don’t be afraid to seek advice/assistance where you need it. Don’t be afraid to fail, because you’ll be afraid to get back up. Keep going, the light at the end of the tunnel is an actual thing. (This is by far the best advice I have ever received! Thank You)

  1. When do you feel most energized?

Mostly when I receive those messages in my DM expressing how much I’ve influenced someone. When people say they look up to you, the whole world changes. You start believing you have a greater cause, and you start believing that this is what you’re supposed to do, regardless of the discouragements and setbacks. It gives you a whole new energy, an understanding, and your purpose in this thing called life.

  1. What are you working on at the moment?

I have a new project coming out real soon (Name withheld). I can’t wait to see peoples’ reactions to it. It’s not a mix tape, too long to be an EP but it can’t be my debut album. Just keep following me and you will find out hehe!. I also got a few videos coming out.

  1. Name 4 consecutive days without mentioning Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Yesterday, today, tomorrow and after tomorrow. (This question always has some real funny answers :D)


His Music:




ID37 is the future! Meet the future today!



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