Producer behind Pitson’s hit song “Niache Niimbe” who chose music because to him; Music is powerful and he believes that it is the only force known to mankind that you can disseminate any message to the masses unsuspectingly, and through it one can bring positive change in the society.

1. Your Favorite Word?

Focus (Which reminded me of the movie ‘Focus’, Okay now, back to what brought us here 😊 …)

2. Where do you get your motivation from?

GOD. He created the entire universe from scratch. He is a producer! 😊

3. How do you handle discouragements?

I have learnt not to allow either discouragement or victory  get into my head. Always focused on my next goal and assignment. When I cannot fix it, I don’t stress over it. When I win, it is all by God’s grace.

4. Best advice given?

It is not rocket science unless it’s rocket science. (Interesting!)

5. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

It would taste like your most favorite delicacy (there is something for everyone in my productions & sound)

6. Whose work are you following at the moment?

After I produced an all live music recording joint titled “Niache Niimbe” by Pitson (award winning artiste) which got massive love not only in Kenya but across the larger East Africa and still crossing borders. We are planning to bring one more this year, God willing. The song and concept is already done, a lot of details to put together. (Cannot wait!)

I just recently concluded doing final mixing & mastering (engineering) of “Mkono wa Bwana”.
A Still Alive production done by super producer Tim Boikwa and performed by Mercy Masika (award winning artiste). An awesome strong song. It’s loaded with content, speaks straight to the heart every time you listen in.

7.      What advice would you give me? 

If it doesn’t keep you up at night, it is not worth the hustle. As much as all dreams are valid; your dreams validity depends on your work ethics. Do not allow anxiety, pray at all times.

Legacy is more permanent than a mere performance. Keep working on your craft. Practice makes permanent. (Niiiiiiiice 🙂 )

Mike McClaflin

8.      When do you feel most energized? 

When I face mountains and giants of sorts in my pursuit of purpose. That’s when I remind myself, “Hey. You are enough, you have what it takes’. I have noticed during those low moments God shows up and shows off on my behalf. His strength is made perfect in my weakness.

9. What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently bringing back the Nicholas Harmonies band from Nakuru. Re-branding the group and working on a mega sound. I have done extensive research on what would work best for these amazing all boys band and the report is extremely encouraging. We are back in studio already and the songs are pretty awesome.  I love the fresh sound they have embraced. (Looking forward to hearing their fresh new sound)

 10. Pick a Motto to live by

Precision, Creativity and Excellence are my core pillars in everything I do.

Find him on: Facebook, WordPress 

Pitson’s “Niache Niimbe”: 

Why did he choose to challenge himself to working on this song? Find out: 



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