When I first interacted with Miss Finali, she mentioned that she is Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2016 and also Miss attitude East Africa 2016. Upon hearing the name attitude, what first came to mind was what we all can define; ATTITUDE! But… Here is the amazing part; Miss Attitude actually stands for having a positive attitude and making a difference to the world! Which as you will learn is motivated to do. She will be representing Kenya in New York for Miss India Worldwide on the 9th of October 2016. Bring the crown home girl! All the best! 🙂

Who is Finali Galaiya and what makes her tick?

  1. When and how did you know that modelling was what you wanted to pursue?

There was no definite time or moment; perhaps a chain of events unknowingly led me into this world of modelling. Just like every person in their 20’s I am still figuring what my calling is, but one thing I’m sure of would be to make a positive difference to the world be it in the form of modelling or any other.

  1. What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

My brother had gone downstairs and he forgot to close the front door and so I told him to go and check which after a lot of persuasion he did. The front door was indeed open and thus he closed it and returned. For unknown reasons he didn’t come back to the room and left my room’s door open. While I waited for him to return I suddenly saw a small pig and was really scared. The pig first climbed on the couch next to my bed and it was headed towards me. I couldn’t run as I was in my blanket and so I moved to the other corner yelling to my brother for help and next thing I knew the pig was right next to me! Terrified I kept yelling. It was all a dream but I yelled, literally! Moral of the story: pigs don’t walk into houses in Nairobi and if they do you’re definitely dreaming … It was a scary dream and I still can’t stop laughing. 😀

“I want to be like her when i grow up” 🙂
  1. Where do you get your motivation from, what inspires you? 

I think my biggest inspiration is the hard work and effort my mother has put into giving each of us the life we have today. I know no matter what we do we can never be as amazing as her. She is the true super woman. She’s an inspiration in every way and her journey; or rather ours has kept me motivated. 

She is so selfless and from her I have learnt to be the same. Bringing a smile on others faces is a motivation like no other. It’s priceless.

  1. How do you handle discouragements?

I look in the face of discouragements and smile. I know what I am and what I’m capable of. I am a hardworking person and thus no matter what I refuse to give in to disappointments… I have had my fair share of them and I think I have only grown to learn from them… I am sure no one is spared of disappointments. One can only move on and take with them a lesson.

Finali Galaiya. Outfit by Dave of Dave Cloth. Photo by Dhruv Shah.
  1. Best advice given?

The best person you can be is yourself… No one can be better at being you than you!

  1. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like? 

Chocolate… Very tasty, even the bitterness has its own charm…

  1. Whose work are you following at the moment? 

I am following the work of everyone around me. It would be rather unfair for me to say just a name or two while learning from so many people. Every person I have crossed paths with has taught me something; be humble, be thankful and always thank God! 

I think it is rather unfortunate that people complain about not having one highly accomplished mentor, the fact of the matter however is that if one wants to learn, life has so much to teach. I believe everyone should learn from everyone around them, even a street child has taught me so much; perseverance, hard work and hope. It would only be right for me to say I am following the work of everyone, you included! I always look up to everyone and hope that everyone will respect one another and that we all learn from each other.

  1. What advice would you give me? 

I would not just say this to you but to everyone else. Keep working hard and keep doing what you love but always look back while you grow, be thankful and try to give back to the world whatever little you can.

Finali Galaiya. Outfit by Dave of Dave Cloth. Photo by: Dhruv Shah.
  1. What are you working on at the moment? 

At the moment I am a part of an anti – human trafficking movement and the ambassador for women4cancer.

 I am advocating youth empowerment and lend my hand for a lot of other projects. I have also collaborated with the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation (details of which I will disclose in a matter of days). I am also about to finish my Chartered Accounting degree and have a diploma in the performing arts. I am always ready to help and keep trying to do as much as I can for the world. I hope everyone can do a little bit and make our world a better place. You do not need to be a doctor to change the world, you can be anything and still help make a difference – I hope to convey this message to those out there who believe it is not their job or they can’t help. I can and so can YOU!

Finali Galaiya.
  1. You are a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

I would be a combination of red and wine with a hint of gold dust… Red for its elegance, wine for its beautiful texture and gold dust for its timeless exclusivity. Perhaps I would add a dash of white for its purity!
I would of course name it after me “finali”. 🙂

Keep up with her everyday journey on:

Facebook Page: finaligalaiyaofficial

Instagram: @finaligalaiya

Twitter: @FinaliGalaiya


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