Is this for real?


If you are an RnB or trap music fan or maybe find yourself listening to both sometimes then this one’s for you!

Available on and free to download, this 7 song-ed Extended Play (EP) titled is this for real starts with a 4 minute and 12 seconds song titled I slay, slow at the start but the beats quickly pick up with the lead singer chanting Gurereyo. This is a term used by winners in celebrating their victory in the Kalenjin community; the chant is openly justified in the lyrics as they sing of how proud they are to have grown. And true to their words, they have!

You know this three boy band from their purely RnB Academia Music award winning single Helena and In the Air

MMchne, an experimental rap star, who’s been friends with 3HM way before they worked together released a magical album tilted 27’93 late last year hence this collaboration geared towards giving you a feel of what a mixture of RnB and Electro Trap House feels like. They all agree that they are closer as brands after this project.

We’re pushing ourselves to be more expressive and futuristic, the global music scene has become very dynamic, and we want to be one of the most relevant artistes. This project is just that, a tangent print of fusion of R&B &electro-trap house and nothing Kenya has seen before. We not only want to pioneer a new sound in Kenya but also show that different sounds can come together to form a beautiful sound” They excitedly explained.

They are set to release other videos for this EP in the coming months. Look out!

Download the EP

And yes! This is for real 🙂






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