Meet-Flawless Strokes

Who’s among the artists that make me glad I made a decision to follow this road 🙂

From creating works that have an emotional power or what would seem simple as someone’s portrait, Flawless Strokes’ creative skills are out of this world!

Because I respect the artists I feature, Flawless strokes is not ready to come out yet but that does not prevent us from celebrating the work and getting to know what this artist is all about. Right?

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Meet-Noni Mugera

Who’s been nominated for the @KenyaBuzz People’s Choice Awards Entertainment 2016 under the ‘New Kenyan Musician of the Year’ category.

I can not get enough of #WhatMamaSaid from this Afro Soul singer and song writer. The song just goes to showcase her amazing voice and song writing skills.

Being new to the industry, what lessons has she learnt so far?

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Meet-125 Musiq

A group of 3 rhyme masters: Sydney, Rabsari and Dan Dan who hail from Rongai hence their name 125. They got serious with music in 2013 and their latest single #Bizna depicts what they are all about… Class!! 🙂

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Meet-Samora Kibagendi

Photographer and film maker who’s using his talents and skills to grow his community.

His latest movie is called Hadisi which was screened to more than 600 people in just two towns!

With 8 movie titles so far, what motivates him? Why his hometown?

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Meet-DJ Obra


Who also goes by the name “Big Kahuna”, you’d be tempted to think that the name ‘big’ in his AKA means his physical structure but don’t be fooled. He is rather… Well, why don’t you meet him and find out?

Did you know that the term DJ didn’t exist until the 1930s? And the first ever DJ played/ Mixed jazz to entertain his guests? Amazing right? He must have had a weird mind but that’s what makes him amazing 🙂

If you are you a lover and a  fan of House music or/and  Dance Hall, then this will be your favorite DJ.

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Meet-Victoria Gichora

A Kenyan Voice introduced me to this beautiful artist, I had not started this blog at the time but it was in my plans to feature her once I did and now that we are here, she makes my 18th post.

I fell in love with her song Memories. This is a beautiful song where she professes her Love to her prince charming and assuring him that even though there are bad times, the best times are yet to come and that she will be there through it all. 🙂

An Actress and Musician.. What makes her Victoria Gichora?

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Meet- Kevin Wesah

Who’s always loved everything about art.

What do you do with your Biro pen? Well, I just use it to write which is rare because computers and smart phones, you know, but for one Kevin Wesah, his use of the Biro pen is more than just write…

You’ve heard of people who dropped college or resigned from a well-paying job to pursue what they are passionate about? Kevin happens to be one of them; he dropped out of university where he was taking Bachelors in Industrial Chemistry to pursue his love and in 2013, his business was born 🙂

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Meet-Third Hand Music (3HM)

Whose Music they believe has grown and have more band chemistry.

“When we started we were young guys with passionate vocals, having met the rest of our team our showmanship has grown to better heights”.

They believe that they come alive on stage and are no longer as timid. So, what makes them Third Hand Music?

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Meet-Ace Tha Don

To Ace means to excel in a particular activity, to be a master of something. A genius! 🙂 And his lyrics depict just that!

You know what’s interesting? His stage name Ace stands for Arsenic Chronic and Explosive :).

To him, what makes a good rapper is: Longevity of the tracks he/she puts out, the Impact they create with their songs, how good they tell their story, write the songs and how they scheme their rhymes.

He’s been writing songs since 2004, what has he learnt since?

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Meet-Alex Khayo

Who believes that his humility brought him to the finals as well as being Voted the most popular actor in season 2 of the pan African reality TV series, BET’s Top Actor Africa.

Two auditions on the same day, he skipped one & headed to the BET auditions despite being discouraged that the group auditioning were not looking for someone like him (speak of walking the road less traveled). Audition done, he gets the news the same day, he has been shortlisted. His reaction? calm but excited!

Catch a glimpse of Alex’s moments in Top Actor South Africa: 

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